It's been two months since I locked myself inside my room during the pandemic of COVID-19 and  I almost desperated to do something creative with my work as a photographer. I lost my job as a photographer in a magazine (thank you) and lost all my concert jobs, all gigs are cancelled and we're doomed. Beside my priority to earn money during pandemic, I also pushed myself to find lots of creative reference before I started my career in 'new normal' condition. Living alongside deadly disease sounds disgusting but we have to keep moving forward.
Some photographers tried many things to keep their mind fresh and creative, shoots from the porch, remote working, and also doing a virtual photoshoot which gained a trends in social media. We work remotely with talents via video conference to decide good views to capture and capture all the views using two methods like screen capture and the traditional way, shoot our laptop or smartphone display with camera. I've done about two session, a trial and error session, and one of them looks better and suitable to be displayed here, a session with my friend Restya as the model. I've planned a session with her since 2017 but it delayed since we're work in different business and finally I we could reach a session in 2020, a virtual photoshoot session.

Talent : Restya Mahara (@reammapu)
Gear used : Macbook Air, Acer Aspire, Sony A6300
Edit in Capture One 20
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