I'm back to a photoshoot session with a band. In this project, I'm working with a band named Phonetic, a Bandung city based pop band. Re-uniting again with Surya (Kuyasunda) to direct this project after 3 years since Los Panturas Mart's pirate themed session. I'm working with Rezki Delian (Eki) and Nyssa to create this series of image that will be used as Phonetic's publication material. This session spent a day in the center of Bandung, we took some shots in ABC area and a room and rooftop in a dorm area at Dago

Phonetic as Talent
Photographed by Alfi Prakoso
Directed by Surya Fikri
Make up and Wardrobe by Nyssa
Logistics by Eki
The Production Team
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