Works for Popular Magazine's December 2019 issue which feature Chelsea Kenzo as their model for In My Room section. All shots of the project captured at Liberta Hotel, Kemang. It's also the first project that held by our new stylist/art director, Hanna Metha. We've spend a day at Liberta and they provide a (small) place for us to shoot he model, some shots we're taken inside the hotel bedroom and we also explore the concept at their rooftop cafe. It's a nice day to have a shoot, though Jakarta was in a chaotic situation.

Model : Chelsea Kenzo
Stylist/Art Direction : Hanna Metha
Make Up Artist : Micheell Jasiel
Wardrobe : Dede Narudin
Photo : Alfi Prakoso
Editor : Galuh Pambudi
Produced at Liberta Hotel, Jakarta
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